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What is is an service for Realtime Analytics, which means that you can immediately process and query new data the second it enters the database. applies logic and mathematics to data to provide insights for making better decisions quickly.

Benefits of

Delays in decision-making and operations cost businesses money. Realtime Analytics resolves this challenge by allowing business leaders to make decisions with immediate and informative insights drawn from data. This means that businesses can prevent costly delays, take hold of opportunities and resolve problems in advance.For businesses, analytics that is real time can be used to meet

a variety of needs including enhancing workflows, boosting the relationship between marketing and sales, understanding customer behavior, finalizing financial close procedures and more.

Many use cases

In finance, fraud detection at points of sale, real time credit scoring;

In clinical healthcare, real-time analytics provides the ability to monitor patient safety;

In transportation and fleet operations, trucking companies can use streaming data to pre-empt engine failures
In retail and customer service, streaming analytics can improve 

operational efficiency, driving higher sales volumes, targeting individual customers with promotions and incentives;

In IT, systems and management data can enable better responsiveness;

In manufacturing and supply chain, the low-hanging fruit is predictive maintenance;

In homes and small businesses, manage energy efficiency.


Ingestion Performance:  tested to 10K+ records per second; no practical upper limit / linearly scalable;

Query Performance: < 1s on any query server-side; result delivery speed between server and client is a function of the size of the result set and the available connection bandwidth;

Concurrent Queries: tested to 100 per second; no practical upper limit / linearly scalable;


Default Data Retention: 25 months (758 days)


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